Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hospital Selayang Full Paying Patient Unit (FPP)

Saturday, June 2, 2012
Aku stumbled jumpe unit ni tak sengaja. Since tak dapat layanan memuaskan daripada Sungai Buloh and that was not my first experice (hari tu masuk observation ward sebab dehydration pun sama gak treatment hampeh), aku usha Hospital Selayang. Yang bengangnya, website hospital selayang ni tak tau la ape ke bodo tak leh bukak. Aku ingat kat opis je problem kene blocked, kat rumah pun sama gak takleh bukak. So aku baca2 blogs, forums and jumpe info kat baby center ni about FPP Unit. Ada dua, satu kat Putrajaya, yang memang gempak facility dia or kat Hospital Selayang, so-so je lah. Dia lain sikit, bukan private wing tapi semi gomen wing.

Info from Hospital Putrajaya about FPP Unit :

FPP enjoy the following benefits:
  • Your choice of specialists; a doctor who will look after you from your first appointment till delivery.
  • Your husband or a family member will be allowed in the delivery room (except in an emergency situation).
  • Your husband will be allowed to stay in a single room with you and your baby.
  • Daily menu with various meal options such as Malay, Chinese, Western or vegetarian food.
  • Priority lane for treatment at specialist clinics.
  • You can opt for a comfortable and private First Class or Executive Ward.
Cost for first-time registration and consultation as an FPP at both these hospitals are RM110. Antenatal consultations are standardised at RM60.
Labour and delivery will cost between RM2,000 and RM5,000, depending on the type of delivery (normal, caesareanforcepsbreech and multiple births).
Bed charges for FPP 
ClassMedicine/Surgery/Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
(single Bed) 
RM300 per day 
First Class
(Single Bed) 
RM160 per day 
First class
(double bed) 
RM130 per day 
First class
RM80 per day 

Other charges
Operation Theatre RM250 per hour/part 
Labour Room RM250 per hour/part 
Source: Putrajaya Hospital

So nampak cam menarik, aku baca2 blogs pun byk review yang menarik.

Aku call and mintak appointment hari Rabu. Misi yg jawab phone tu cakap semua doctor lelaki je ada specialist kat FPP unit Selayang Hospital so aku cakap tak kisahla yang mana2 pun, aku nak doctor yang paling cepat dapat appointment, so dia kasik appointment dengan Doc. Philip, hari Jumaat 10.30am.

Ok the reason nak pegi sini, ialah:
1) untuk parents comfort sebab bilik dan layanan yg lebih selesa, speed lane, own gynae and COURTESY and ATTENTION.
2) NICU care for Aiman, ramai cakap NICU Selayang adalah the best selain daripada kat Putrajaya tu. The bill is not hefty, very affordable.

So yesterday I went. It was very pleasant, fast, nurses and doc is very very good. I'm impressed. Bayar kan, kalau bayar service hampeh mmg aku hangin aaaa. Doc philip O&G specialist tu very good, sabar n honest. senang sgt cite kat dia. Dia ckp dont expect gempak2 mcm kat Putrajaya, FPP unit kat Selayang tu dewan bersalin, ward sama je cam 1st class gomen wing just beza dia, u got priority lane and own doc. Bilik pun single biasa je sama cam 1st class gomen takde eksekutif ke ape.

Dia cakap since i ada history preterm delivery and looking at baby's position now, there's more than 60% chance im going to deliver early for this one too. The cause/reason of why beranak awal again this time is unknown, same macam Yaya dulu jugak, They simply want to come out early he said. There's no prevention and if labor start can do nothing to stop it, just beranak je la.. What we can do is take the dexa jab to mature the baby lungs in order to prepare the baby in case he decides to come out anytime soon.

So i took the 1st dose of the jab at 11am kat clinic doc Philip and 2nd dose kat Wad Bersalin at 11pm. (kene complete 2 doses within 12 hours). Sakit gila mmg stok nak nangis, mengigil kaki badan semua siap cramped on my left lower body, ubat dia pekat. Nasib dpt mc since i dont think i can go to work nak jalan pun tak larat after that jab. after this, just wait n see la.. For now doc prescribed a lot of rest, no walking, no heavy lifting etc and no sex. So pantang nizam dah bermula officially today hahaha

Now dah amik dexa jab tu rasa cam "lega" sikit. Rasa cam prepared sikit in case Aiman kuar awal, at least chance for survival is a little higher. Doc Philip cakap baby belum engage so he asked me to pray that baby will wait until 36/37weeks to come out. Insya Allah, Aiman jangan kuar awal sangat, bagi Mama & Papa pindah rumah baru dulu ye sayang :)

Anyone interested nak tau caj bersalin di unit FPP Selayang, leh refer kat gambar bawah.

Ini just estimation, nurse tu cakap usually kalau bersalin normal, tinggal semalaman je dalam 1.5-2k je. (ETA : baca2 lagi ada yg review cakap kalau beranak normal duduk semalaman je dalam RM800 camtu.)

Kalau stay lama sikit lagi tambah la sebab ward semalaman is RM130 and complication ape2 dia tambah lagik mcm ala carte lol. Quite affordable jugak kalau what u want is privacy and courtesy. Unfortunately, untuk bersalin, dia masih letak kat ward di tingkat 5 sama ngan yg gomen wing yang lain just ada specific room dia dah allocate 5A,5B bukan di level 10 yg gempaks ittew. So jangan expect nak dapat Executive ward la macam kat Putrajaya tu. Doc Philip cakap for now memang follow up ngan dia macam follow up with any other private gynae tapi there's no obligation for me to deliver under FPP scheme, at any point of time, I can opted out and warded under gomen scheme, duk kelas 1 or kelas 2 (cheaper). Tapi takleh pilih doctor la, ikut nasib, kalau dapat houseman mmg nangis ar doctor2 muda tak berperasaan tu. huhuhu

Sape nak baca review bersalin di unit FPP Putrajaya, leh baca kat sini, seronokla depa duk ward Executive huhuhu

That's all I could find about the FPP Scheme for now, hope I covers all info :)

31 weeks <3

Preterm Delivery

Last Saturday, ada ANC visit with my gynae kat Tropicana at 30 weeks 5days. Since we in the process of selling the house, rasanya ada quota sikit nak bersalin kat situ. Tu pun kalau cepat2 dapat settle lah. Masih berharap la katakan. Since this might be my last child, so ingat nak pengalaman yang special sikit. No judging please.

Baby sangat healthy for and size Dr. Noor Fidak cakap is normal 30weeks 5 days gestation. Estimated weight 1512g plus minus laa. Alhamdulillah baby is doing very well, however the position tu dah too low for 30weeks gestation. Baby is in chepalic position which means dah head down tapi belum engage lagi.

My gynae is concern that this baby will arrive early too than expected and since i had a premature delivery with Yaya dulu at 34weeks, there are up to 60% chance, Aiman will be a premie too. So Doc Fidak suggested aku amik injection dexa untuk matangkan paru2 baby in case baby kuar awal sangat.

Copy paste sikit what is the dexa jab is for:
Steroid Injection for Fetal Lung DevelopmentInjections of corticosteroids for fetal lung development has been praised as one of the best advances in fetal medicine in the 90s. Since 1994 the National Institutes for Health and other professional organizations have encouraged their use in promoting the development of fetal lung development in moms who were at risk for preterm labor or birth.
Betamethasone and dexamethasone are the two most commonly used steroids. The average protocol was to give to intramuscular injections (IM) 24 hours apart. Some practitioners also choose to continually repeat the dosages every week until the birth. The injections had to be given 24-48 hours prior to the birth for maximum effect. They were also best used between weeks 24 and 34 gestation.
The use of the steroids provided benefits for the lung development in the premature infants to reduce the risk of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) as well as to reduce the risk of intracranial hemorrhaging and some other potential benefits.
source from :
Doc Fidak cakap if baby kuar below 34weeks, she doesn't want to take the risk to deliver me, in case baby needs neonatal care . Bukan sebab dia tak competent, tapi NICU private adalah mahal nak arwah ok. She said kalau i deliver below 34weeks, best thing to do is go straight to government hospital since their NICU has the best facility and baby will be well taken care off with a minimal fee only, instead of NICU Tropicana MC will charge me about 1-2k per day depends on the severity of the complications.

Ni part yang ramai orang salah faham. Ada siap cakap apsal gynae tu kecoh sangat or kenapa i panic semacam? I think i have all the rights to panic. I have a lot of things going on, nak jual rumah takut tak sempat jual terberanak dulu, baru masuk keje tak sampai sebulan, not entitled to maternity leave (unpaid maternity leave lah) and a lot of other small2 things yg tak tersettle lagik.

Doc Fidak suggested aku amik dexa jab tu tapi she prefers kalau aku amik kat government instead of amik kat Tropicana. Walaupun commonly orang cakap gynae kat private usually cekik darah and what not, doc Fidak is different. She gives u options. Dia cakap since aku ada buku merah and still continuing checkup kat KKIA, dia cadangkan aku amik kat dorang je since free, unless for some reason dorang tanak bagi, then dia akan bagi utk aku di Tropicana. So following her suggestion, I went to KKIA TTDI on monday as per schedule, drama okeh!

1) KKIA TTDI : KKIA Kepong referred me since its the nearest to my office. Minutes of arrival, I'm told I'm supposed to go to KJ sbb tak cover my area. Tapi since dah dtg takpelah dorg layan dulu. Nurse kat situ tu sorang tu ok, nama Siti Laila, she's all smiley and kindly. Tapi ade jugak sorang nurse cengih yg aku rasa nak lempang je, cakap cam takleh nak lembut, so aku ignore je dia, aku concentrate cakap ngan nurse Laila tu.

Waited n seen the nurse. Dia check cakap baby too low for 30weeks, need to go see Doctor to take dexa jab etc in case baby arrive early. Dia tulis surat referral letter and advised me to go KKIA Sg. Buloh. 

2) Drove there (alone since Nizam keje) parked and walked tgh panas etc only to be told I'm supposed to go to Hosp. Sg. Buloh not KKIA. Ntah macam mane leh kekonpiusan aku pun tak tau la labuuuu T-T

3) Drove to HSB, pusing 3x baru dpt parking, pegi sana dorg cakap salah pintu kene kuar balik pegi the other side to Klinik Pakar O&G. Jalan balik drove out, masuk pintu lagi satu, dpt parking jauh gila and found the O&G clinic. Tunggu sejam stengah, misi pggl bagi tarikh suh dtg lg 2 weeks, takde check langsung. Apparently, doctor won't see u kalau takde appt. 

WTF. I explained what happened pastu dia potong cakap aku and jawab "kalau nak beranak pegi je labor room

Memang sakit hati, especially dapat jawapan yang langsung takde courtesy, hati perut dll. Rasa mcm org bodoh. Dahla sorg2 plak tu. Rasa marah takyah la cakap tapi ku tahan jebat. Aku dah abis sopan, senyum, tak sarcastic dah sebab orang cakap kan kalau kita nak orang treat kita elok, kita treat la orang tu with the same courtesy, the problem is, I'm not getting any courtesy pun T-T

Nanti sambung kat next post about my plan with the delivery. This is me at 30 weeks pregnant :)

Persiapan untuk Aiman

Alhamdulillah, dapat duit main kutu so dapatlah shopping sekali harung barang2 utk Aiman. Orang lain beli sikit2 so tak terasa tapi since Aiman kuar awal, beli je sekaligus dalam satu weekend tambahan sebab risau tak larat nak jalan atau kene bedrest dalam masa yang terdekat ni.

Ingat nak beli yg basic je tapi ade jugak naik setan moments. Hahahaha... Tapi nak beli yang basic pun mahal okeh. kalau satu barang tu dalam 10-20 hinggit, kutip2 masuk bakul/troli gigil gak nak hulur debit card time membayor.

Enjoy piccas shopping kat Mom's Care clearance sale on 26th May hari tu kat Ikano.

Playmat, dulu masa yaya menahan diri drp beli benda ni, sebab ada org bagi hadiah travelling mattress set tu. yang ni ada jahit mainan comel2 kat mat tu, and besar jugak, leh lipat dua dalam baby cot

Takde motif tapi nak beli jugak. ni t-shirt bukan rompers :P

ramai yg berkenan t-shirt harimau malaya ni hahaha

 thermal blanket, dont ask why i bought this too :P

receiving blanket, pack of 3pc

baby swaddle, dah ada 2 yg Yaya punya tapi nak beli gak satu for Aiman

wash/burp clothes RM15 for both, dapat 13pcs
socks. dunno why i need to buy all 3 packs T-T

jeans, berangan ni nak pakaikan wat raya

this is for Lita's baby gurl :)

bought this for myself, Avent Breastpad yg day use 60pc for RM28 sekotak. cheap, no?

himpunan kerosakan hari itu

Ni plak kerosakan akhlak kat FOS T-T

kat FOS tak byk baju newborn la baby boy punya, byk baju 6m onwards je

ni je jumpe baju size nb yg cun

comel kan? 6-12m jugak size yg ni

The next day shopping kat Jusco plak, Jusco ada sale tapi baju budak besar je byk disc up to 70%, baby pun area disc ciput sgt. Beli baju newborn and basic stuff je tapi bayar still gigil lol

newborn suits, mittens & booties & caps (Trudy & Teddy kat sblh kiri tu too adorable not to buy)

another 2 sets of newborn suits

newborn stuff. New bantal n bolster, nappy liner, bath towels, baby wipes, baby milk bath, changing matt, cotton buds & toiletteries travelling pack (not in the pic). tu je yg perlu topup, yg lain toiletteries yaya punya still ada

so with all that bought and paid, hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Bawak satu bag je Mama & baby sharing senang.

For reference, sapa2 yang nak bersalin di gomen, ni je barang baby dia mintak masa kat Dewan Bersalin tu

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's a boy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Tadi pegi checkup lagi kat Klinik Wanita TTDI dengan Dr. Ida. Scan follow up at 23 weeks. Almost 6month phew. And it's now confirm it's a boy. 


Dr. Ida is almost 100% sure. Baby is healthy, cukup sifat and kicking hard during the scan. Senak perut. Baby pun dengan suka rela tunjuk muka tadi during the 3d scan. So dapatlah snap gambar ni. Nanti 6 months++ buat 4D baru puas hati ada video

Anyway, this is Mama at 23 weeks. Naik 2kg, current weight 43.4kg, alhamdulillah.. berkat makan nasik 3x sehari lol

Pagi tadi actually lepak ngan Chikleen and Ammar Shaffiy, tapi lupa lak nak amik pic. tsk.. berjaya la tengok beg coach baru Leen yang menawan kalbu tu.. terliurq mak haha..

Anyway, testdrive preschool KP Leen dengan kakak Yaya yang cranky nak tido tapi lawan mata ni.

Besar gabak, tapi perfect knee to knee support for Yaya.. time dia nak tido confirm syok dalam ni, tapi kalau dia tengah awake takleh, tenggelam sangat..

Anyway Leen my fren, thank you for this. Ex-Ammar's, future Aiman's. Really Appreciate this.

Some new clothes for kakak Yaya.. Pants beli kat FOS je, 3 for RM30 and t-shirt from Poney, ada sale up to 70%. T-shirt ni from RM66 jadi RM18.90 je selai.. sapuuuuu.. Geram nak beli jeans utk kakak, harga before RM129, after 70% jadi RM38, tapi takut over spent. Sabar dulu lah..

Sekian kisah meroyan untuk hari ini hehehe

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Survey Delivery Package

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Survey survey delivery package. Dulu masa bersalinkan Yaya ada 2 je pilihan, sama ada nak bersalin kat Naluri atau kat gomen. This time sebab dah pindah terpaksala cari yang terdekat dengan rumah.

So far survey2 dengan Mas, hajat hati nak bersalin kat tempat mewah macam Tropicana Medical Center (TMC) tu tapi harga memang marveles la.. paling kurang expect 4k. Tak mampu mak hahaha

Alternativenya, ku berkira2 nak bersalin di Gombak Medical Center.


              I.      Normal Delivery
           II.      Instrumental Deliveery
         III.      Induction  of Labour
        IV.      Epidural pain relief





Ni yang info dapat daripada website GMC, tapi aku call hari tu dia cam lain sikit. Kalau bersalin anak kedua kalau doktor biasa pakej dia 1.5k. Tapi kalau nak doktor pakar (Doktor Fidak gynae aku kat TMC and ) 2-3k. Kalau ini anak sulong pakej ni tak applicable. Hanya delivery dengan doktor pakar sahaja so max 3k la kene prepare untuk normal delivery. 

Calon2 lain ialah Putra Medical Centre kat Sungai Buloh atau Dewan Bersalin Muslimah kat Batu Caves. Tapi tak banyak info atau review online. Cuma dapat info mulut ke mulut cakap murah sikit compare to others. Harga pun lebih kurang untuk normal delivery estimate from 1.5k-3k camtu.

Kos pakej kat Pusrawi Kota Damansara, TMC, Salam, UMRA, SMC & DEMC korang leh baca kat sini dan sini. Sini pun ada byk compile cost bersalin. 

Banyak links tu, kalau korang rajin nak click la hehehe

Monday, April 2, 2012

Second Pregnancy

Monday, April 2, 2012
Lamanya tak update blog, malasnya nak menulis sekarang, tak macam dulu rajin jugak nak post at least seminggu sekali, now FB, semua pun cepat. Anyway, akan cuba update from time to time, maybe ade backdated post, layankah aje la ye.

Alhamdulillah, I'm now almost 23 weeks pregnant. Hari tu scan, gynae cakap maybe boy tapi die ckp awal lagi to be sure, sbb dlm 16 weeks mcm tu, nampak cam lebih kurang je. So 7 April ni next checkup akan scan lagi skali tengok mcm mana. This second baby, sangat active. Bergerak all the time. I dont remember Yaya being this active at 5 months.

Funny, I found a photo of me pregnant 27 weeks with Yaya

Nampak cam sama besar je perut with me preggy 23 weeks right now? Dah la wearing the same baju lol

Memang this one rasa cam bigger than Yaya. Bila scan pun gynae cakap mmg betul ikut age baby, unlike Yaya dulu selalu gynae ckp kecik 1 or 2 weeks daripada sepatutnya. Takpe la besar ke kecik ke janji sihat. But I still dont like people complaining my tummy too small. Biarlah kecik cik kak oi, does it matter? Karang besar, aku jugak yg terbalik kat belakang nak bawak perut. Kecik tu alhamdulillah, Allah bagi setakat kemampuan la tu maknanya, boleh tak korang take it that way instead of complaint je manjang? hehehe

Wah tetiba emo plak, lame tak update blog emo plak dah :p

Anyway, kakak Yaya pun membesar bagai juara, dia dah dapat terima kenyataan nak dpt adik. Tiap2 hari cakap kat perut, sembang2 ngan adik. Contoh dialog yg buat kitaorg asyik ketawa je dengan telatah dia
Yaya : adik... Adik buat ape tu? Adik pusing? Tidur la adik, dah malam.. Adik dah berpeluh ke?

Anyway, Kakak Yaya memang makin manja, menjadi jadi.. duduk rumah keje sepah rumah je, naik malas nak mengemas dah huhuh.. sabor je la.

OK, till next time :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wishlist Makan di Terengganu

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Nak balik Terengganu esok. Dah siap planning nak makan ape ni..siap ar Tok Ma kene masak ngeh ngeh ngeh

1- Pengat Pisang
2- Pulut gaul nyior parut ngan ikan selayang goreng
3- Nasik minyak ayam gulai
4- Mi hun sup Seberang Takir
5- Goreng Pisang - for the rekod, gorpis kat KL tak best langsung!

Ape lagik ek?? Ish ish nanti ingat aku tambah

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cuti Dah Approved

Friday, February 25, 2011
HUH! Lepas venting baru approve..LOL

Alhamdulillah.. boleh balik kampung yeyeh yeyeh

Cuti oh cuti


Lamenye tak blogging heheh..masih adakah follower yg bace blogku yang hampir berkulat ni? Kalau ada sila angkat tangan please!

Ada niat nak blogging tapi sejak ade Facebook and Twitter, lebih pantas posting kat sana daripada mengarang blog. Sangat kagum dengan rakan2 yang masih kental mengarang blog. Kadang2 terasa redundant sebab posting cerita sama je..

Anyways, today venting session is CUTI.

Alkisahnya dah sebulan lebih in advance applied cuti untuk 28/2 sampai 4/3 tapi sampai hari ni la tak approve2. Aku dah naik tension ni. Apelah lorat sangat nak click button APPROVE???
Nak kata apply last minute dah apply awal sebulan setengah! Kesian kat Tok Ma, tiap2 hari call nak confirm balik Terengganu ke tak? Dia pun nak apply cuti gak sebab cucu balik nak duk rumah layan cucu kan. Siap nak support minyak and tol lagi tu punye la nak suruh balik. Mane tak nye, last balik Terengganu bulan September tahun lepas, balik raya sampai la skang tak balik2, asyik dorang je turun KL nak tengok cucu...


Anyway, I'm in the market looking for a new job, preferably not call center again.
Naik muak ho-kay!!

OT- The smile that keeps me going everyday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is my late entry for this Giveaway. I'm hoping I'm not too late :)

Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)

Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)

Child Babywearer (can also be 'teddywearer' ^_^) (Entry suka suki)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Natibaby Butterflies

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Camwhoring with my new Palla Usherri. washed once only but already very soft. I wore her 3 hours straight. felt really comfy but a little bit slippery. I need to keep retying the wraps. But overall, I loike!!It's a very deep purple color. I really dont mind the striking color coz it sorts of making it look vouge!

I have all 3 variant of the butterflies. Shots of them together

My phone not doing a good job capturing the color..but just to show you that the colors are exactly the same. Just the material and pattern are different

I'm officially butterflies crazeyy grin